About me



Since I was a child, I always cared about people. Help them, ask them why they weren't feeling right. I used to say that I wanted to be a psychoanalyst ! 


Growing up I discovered something different than "classical" psychology: kinesiolgy. For me it allied the "analytic" side with self-consciousness, and helps release the heavy things we have inside. I was lucky to know at an early age what I wanted to do with my life. Since then I explore a subject I'm passionate with: personal development.  


Since 2006, I have established my practice in Rue Marterey - Lausanne.


In my practice, one of the most important thing I am working on, is to help individuals reconnect with the energy of the heart, cultivate genuineness, be happier and learn how to leave behind all the negative things from the past. Through a step by step evolution we are aiming for long-term results.


I also practice with animals. To understand them better, to help them find their inner peace and find harmony with their human is important to me.


I wish you the best and a nice visit on my website,