Animals treatment



Animals- like humans, can feel stress, anxiety, frustration or unhappiness. As they cannot talk, they show us by their behavior that they need help. Dogs can become agressive, fearful. Cats can urinate everywhere, become very fearful, can stop eating or scratching too much. 


Kinesiology-heart to heart healing©  helps to understand what they try to say and how help them. As for humans, the result is to feel more peaceful and at ease. Quickly all the family that is happier as well ! 


Kinesiology sessions runs either at home (if in Lausanne) or by phone (with a picture). 


If your animal suffers from an allergy, a bioresonance treatment can help. With a blood simple, I do tests and treatment at remote, with a report that you receive instantly by email. The benefit is that the animal doesn't need to be transported in a place that he doesn't know and doesn't have to lay down for 30 to 45mn with an electrode on his body ! Results are as efficient and long-term as an in-office treatment. 


If you have any questions, please contact me !