Bioresonance allergy treatment



Bioresonance is efficient to cure different kind of allergies like hay fever, animals, gluten, lactose, dust, mold etc.


This is a naturel, painless method that allows a long-term desensitization. 


What are the symptoms of an allergy ?

If you suffer from the typical symptoms of hay fever (nose, eyes, throat), have blocked nose, headache in dusty places, located eczema, bloating, stomachache ou digestion problems, you may have one or several allergies. 


How does a session run ? 

The first session detect the allergies and make the point about what should be treated and how many sessions it will take. Then, the device (bicom) allows the desensitization of allergens, by rebalancing the electromagnetic waves of the body who where disturbed at the contact with the substance with painless electrodes placed on the body. 

For optimal results, session are combined with kinesiology. 



Sessions runs the same way for adults and children.