how to come

The office is at Marterey 36, 1st floor, 1005 Lausanne. The door closes at 6pm, if you come after you can ring at "Esprit Zen".

By car ? There are parking places along the street, or in the Coop Caroline (indoor parking). 

By bus or metro ? It's the "Bessières" station. 


(This list is for an indicative matter. To know specifically if the fees are covered, please check with your insurance directly)

  • Groupe Mutuel : Avenir, CMBB, St-Moritz, Philos, Avantis, Fonction publique, Troistorrents, Panorama, EOS, Easysana, Caisse vaudoise, Hermes, Mutuel, Universa, Natura.
  • AMB
  • Caisse Maladie de Wädenswil
  • Swica
  • Sanitas
  • Intras 
  • Assura (uniquement natura)
  • Vivao Sympany, Move Sympany
  • Rhenusana
  • FKB
  • Uniqa

price list


  • Adults : 1st session 150.-, following sessions 120.-
  • Kids : 1st session 120.-, following sessions 100.-
  • Animals : home care (Lausanne) 100.-, by Skype 90.-


  • Adults and kids : 1st session 200.-, following sessions 90.-
  • Animals : 1st session 100.-, following sessions 70.- (only remote sessions)